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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  April 4, 2012 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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closed captioning by closed captioning services,inc good morning i'm kristen sze. and i'm cheryl jennings. the suspect at the oikos university will make his first appearance in court today. 43-year-old one goh opened fire, killing seven, wounding three. terry mcsweeney talked one -- talked with one of the first officers who arrived at the scene. >> reporter: crime techs are still inside the bidding.
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it is not just the memorial out in front of oikos university that gives it an eerie feeling, there's broken grass, a lot of evidence markers still inside imagine what that was like to be one of the officers arriving moments after the shooting. the san was chaos. all police knew were that several people had been shot. the sergeant was one of the first on the scene and cut his hand badly smashing open a window with a battering ram. what he found inside, startled him. >> it was very quiet. everyone being very quiet and hiding and being very squared. you could feel it. >> reporter: even though they were wounded? >> . people were wounded and scared. >> reporter: 43-year-old one tpwoe was long gone arrested in alameda. the 45 calibre semi-automatic handgun nowhere to be found. the sheriff's office dive team members went into the waterway last night after a full day of searching underwater with sonar.
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to give you an idea how limited visibility is under water watch as we lower this camera into what divers saw overnight. >> you are under water, murky, difficult, trying to find the item by feel. >> reporter: goh's arraignment is scheduled for 2:00 this afternoon. dean johnson tells me it should be brief. johnson expects goh to request a public defender since it costs half a million dollars for private legal counsel in a death penalty case. the defense says johnson will probably be not guilty by reason of insanity or not competent to stand trial. as for police and survivors there may be a need for professional help in the healing process. >> hopefully they get the mental health they will need because that was a horrible situation. >> reporter: the prosecution has a mountain of evidence, confession, eyewitness accounts but they want the murder weapon and they may
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continue their search underwater later today. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. family members are now making funeral plans for their loved ones killed in the massacre. they are 21-year-old lydia sim. 23-year-old grace kim. 24-year-old kathleen ping. and a 33-year-old and a 38-year-old and 40-year-old doris and judith age 53. another memorial will be held tonight for one of the shooting victims hundreds gathered last night to honor those who died. the vice president of oikos university and mayor quan spoke at the service. tonight a public memorial will be held for lydia sim in hayward at the korean baptist church starting at 8:00. stay with abc7 for continuing coverage of the deadly shootings. we'll bring you the latest on
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air and online at another big story, the ax falls today on struggling company yahoo. the internet announced largest lay-offs in its history hoping to begin to turn the company around. katie marzullo has the facts live from yahoo's headquarters. >> reporter: 2,000 employees are going to lose their jobs, 14% of yahoo's workforce. he we are at the headquarters in sunnyvale. we haven't seen signs of lay-offs, the few employees we talked with had no comment which is always the case. we know the process starts today. two thousand people losing their jobs. officially, we don't know from which departments you can assume that is worldwide in a memo toly is the new ceo scott thompson says the company going to be focusing on three things, core media, platforms tan data in an effort to be smaller, and more profitable. this is yahoo's sixth mass
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lay-off in four years under three ceos. i talked with an analyst today he says that doesn't fit the model for restructuring a company. he says in that scenario cuts should be fast and deep. i asked how the ceo is handling lay-offs? he said the employees should be worried. >> they want some hope this guy has a clue. he just did not give them that hope. right now, based on what we know, remember we don't know everything there could be stuff we don't know that could argue from the other side. from what we just saw if you were planning on leaving, now would be the time. >> reporter: get this, we came across a recent ad for job openings at yahoo mostly in the media which does speak to the issue of restructuring the company. yahoo is promising more details about who is getting laid off and why and which direction the company is going, after april 17th, that's after the quarterly earnings come out. katie marzullo, abc7 news.
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right now the san francisco giants and city leaders are announcing big plans for major development near the ballpark. officials state will be one of the biggest economic development projects in the city's history. it is going to transform the parking lot and the an joining pier 48 into its own mini city. the 1.6 billion dollar mission project includes up to 1,000 apartments, offices, shops, restaurants and parking garage. it is expected to create 9,000 jobs. the goal to begin construction in 25 toon. pg&e crews -- 2015. pg&e crews on the scene of a gas leak. a car slammed into a home last night after 10 p.m.. the leak was capped within 2 1/2 hours. the impact destroyed the gas meter, sparking a leak and sending the female driver to the hospital with serious injuries. no one inside the home was
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injured. residents from the damaged home and several neighboring homes were evacuated. officials say the crash left four homes without gas all night. no word on what led to the crash. people had to be taken to the hospital after police at a southern california college pepper sprayed students during a protest over higher fees. more than 100 students gathered to protest the plan to offer higher priced summer school classes at santa monica college. as the crowd chanted and surged forward police pushed back and ultimately pepper sprayed as many as 30 protesters. two of those sprayed had to be taken to the hospital to be treated for what are be being called minor to moderate injuries. oaksterdam university vowing to reopen as early as today despite the raid. yesterday hundreds marched to the federal building, they denounced the obama administration's fight against
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medical marijuana dispensaries. there's a push at the state legitimize pot clubs. a bill from an assemblyman would legalize marijuana sales and regulate dispensaries like any other business. online home rental services that have burst on to the san francisco tourism scene have to pay up. the treasurer has ruled bed and breakfast spots have to pay the same 14% occupancy tax as regular hotels. mayor ed leo poses taxing those so-called air mattress b & b's calling them an emerging business that need to be nurtured. critics say it would level tourism playing field arguing people who rent out homes on a nightly basis should pay the same tax. san francisco's hotel tax makes it more than 200 mo s of the annual budget. medical tests your -- your doctors ordering you may not need. when you see rubble like this behind me it is hard to
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believe anyone could have survived. i'm diana avellar. i'll let you know who the heroes were of this disaster. president obama signs legislation today that allows to you see more government officials money d d
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members of congress will now have to follow the same insider trading rules as the rest of us after president obama this morning signed an act that makes it
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clear this if federal lawmakers and staff use nonpublic tphfrls to get and you fair advantage in the market they are breaking the law. it creates new disclosure requirements and new measures of accountability and transparency for federal employees. >> reporter: we were -- >> the president: we were sent here to serve the american people and look out for their interests not our own interests. i'm proud to sign this bill into law. >> the new law also bans special access to initial publish offerings of stocks and requires members of congress and other government officials to disclose the terms of their personal mortgages. this morning mitt romney fresh off a three primary sweep answered yesterday's attacks on him by president obama. speaking to the same group of news editors addressed by the president a day ago. romney said policies enacted by the obama administration are out of touch. and it made the economy harder to reboot >> do you think know any businesses that said let's hire more people because obamacare coming?
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in the financial services sector do you find smaller banks saying i'm willing to give more loans because of dodd-frank? when they heard about cap and trade said let's grow in america. >> after winning three primaries yesterday romney appears to be focusing on the incumbent president and not republican rival rick santorum. romney says president obama is exaggerating the likely affects of house republican budget plan he supports. san francisco and san jose airports had arrival cancellations today in the wake of the devastating storm that spawned tornadoes in dallas, texas. the storm system destroyed hundreds of homes and caused a dozen injuries, no deaths. diana avellar looks at the destruction. >> reporter: daybreak revalled the devastation. in hard hit lancaster, some homes were destroyed, while others were still standing. >> oh wow!
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>> reporter: according to the national weather service as many as a dozen tornadoes pummeled texas tuesday in a violent weather system that stretched across dallas and ft. worth. >> please take shelter immediately we have a tornado now. >> reporter: a news helicopter captured one twister's fury as it touched down. >> look, look huge trailers, these huge rigs the back ends of tractor trailers are being picked up and thrown hundreds of yards. >> reporter: the tornadoes tore through neighborhoods, lifting roofs from homes and peeling wall from buildings. in total, more than 650 homes were damaged. yet, there are stories of survival. she hid inside this storm space in the suburbs, a grandmother hailed as a hero she saved her three grandchildren by seeking shelter in a bath tub holding on to her 19-month-old grandson as the twister tried to rip him from her arms. >> there was a gush of wind
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come through and it just, you know i felt like it was taking him and i grasped him harder to keep him there with me. >> reporter: another story of survival this tiny kitten and two siblings rescued from the rubble behind me nearly 24 hours after the tornado came through. diana avellar, abc7 news, texas. this morning a united airlines flight made a safe landing in houston after he veer -- after severe turbulence over louisiana it is not clear whether it was caused by the same storm that spawned yesterday's tornadoes. two flight attendants were injured, three were taken to the hospital. >> for the latest information on possible cancellations or delays effecting you check out our flight tracker on the bottom of meteorologist mike nicco keeping an eye on that as well
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as the forecast. >> those storms did go through louisiana more than likely it was the storm that caused that. one was 125 to 130 winds, 300 homes damaged. for us winds not as fast cool weather and another chance of showers today and tomorrow. the weekend could be wet in some areas, i'll show you where. he is delta's newest stowaway. the surprise delivery may at 30,000 feet over africa. warning for sushi-lovers. why you may want to avoid those tuna rolls. ccccccccccccccs
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a veteran flight attendant thought she had seen everything until she helped make a special delivery mid flight. everything was normal on a scheduled 12 hour flight from africa to at in late march until a pregnant woman started screaming. she immediately asked her fellow crewmembers for supplies, including gloves and a pair of scissors, sterilized in a cup of srod catch the a doctor was onboard, -- of
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vodka. a doctor was onboard, the who helped deliver the child 36,000 feet above africa. >> she was strong and brave i give it up for her. she was incredible, because she is in a public place. i realized as i lifted up over the seats that everyone is looking at me, obviously. and i just held him up and i said it's a boy! and everybody clapped. there was laughter and it was really fun and exciting. >> that new mother happens to be from fresno. the plane made an emergency landing in senegal after the birth. mom and baby are doing just fine. so are all the people who helped deliver in an emergency. >> that's great. i know that passenger manifest one extra person getting off the plane congratulations. very cool. flight delays aside from the texas issue, not a problem for the bay area? >> i wouldn't think so maybe within or two because of the winds, the winds aren't that strong. just a pain making it feel
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really cool and it may blow your hat off or swerve a little on some of the bridges other than that quiet. looking at at&t park full forecast, it is going to be breezy and you could get sunburn today so jacket and sunscreen definitely needed. temperatures will be in the mid to mid 50s for the most part. let's look at live doppler, scattered showers across the northern sections of our state moving towards us that's why there's still that chance of a scattered shower in the forecast this afternoon probably another chance tomorrow. winds fastest in the south bay gusting to 23 in san jose, 21 half moon bay, 20 novato, 14 in mountain view, 18 livermore, 14 sfo, 10 concord starting to get up to that range we talked about this morning. low to mid five -- low to mid 50s now. we'll see breezes increase this afternoon and a little
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increase in the clouds as scattered showers become more likely this afternoon they are scattered. clear, calm and cool tonight, frost possible inland especially in the north bay and warming trend for the weekend as far as what is happening today, mid 50s to around 60, breezy, partly sunny we could hit 61 in napa, concord and antioch, the warm spots. mid to upper 50s monterey and salinas, you will have the same northwesterly winds as far as the game 12 lone 45 at&t park breezy, chilly, 55 up to 58┬░ the breezes will make it feel cooler. tonight north bay around the freezing mark. north bay you have to worry 8:00 in the morning when temperatures could dip to around the freezing level. cold front moved through last night brought light rain overnight this next system has limited moisture but coal and
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does have enough moisture when the sun warms the ground it is going to make it cool, breezy and enough instability for a few showers. if you watch the animation, our futurecast you can see the best chance along the north bay mountains then over the ocean overnight should be quiet tomorrow morning except for the santa cruz mountains. north bay mountains have the best chance of seeing a scattered shower tomorrow afternoon. it will be quieter friday, warmer saturday, warm especially sunday from the north bay a chance of light rain in the north bay sunday afternoon into monday all your egg hunting should be dry that morning. federal health officials are investigating an outbreak of salmonella that may be linked to sushi. the fda says the outbreak is quickly expanding. so far 90 people have gotten sick in 19 states. the district of columbia mostly on the eastern see and
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gulf of mexico. no deaths have been reported. investigators are focusing on spicy tuna rolls, common symptoms are stomach cramps and fever within 8 to 72 hours of eating the contaminated food. nine medical societies are telling u.s.s did to think twice before automatically ordering certain├▒=y'? tests and treatments. the group released a list aimed at cutting wasteful medical spending in 45 areas. doctors are told to void ordering mri's other scans for the first six weeks of back bane. stop treating tumors in end stage cancer patients who have not responded to other therapies. the president of the american board of internal medicine medicine says we don't feed to ration health care if we get rid of waste. medical societies do not have any enforcement power and their fear of malpractice could keep many doctors from
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three great road trip suggestions in time for spring break. then discounts on the newest iphone of course there's a catch. and then, state commission to help women established in the 60s by late governor pat brown that may close under his son governor jerry brown. those stories and more later today. that's it for now thanks for joining us. >> who wants to be a millionaire is next. millionaire is next. >> have a great day.
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